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Last Updated: 02-04-06

      Starting a website may take money and a lot time, but without the contributions, support, motivation, and inspiration of others, this site would only have been a dream. The inspiration for this site came from the late Jamey Price, Collector and Webmaster of Although I did not personally know Jamey, his reputation was well known as was his passion for fantasy miniatures. I was always impressed with Jamey's endeavor to catalog and photograph miniatures from as many manufacturers as he did. I had always aspired to have a site like his, and after his death, and a nudge from Michael Thomas, I picked up where Jamey had left off. Even if it was with one manufacturer (Heritage), and one line of miniatures (Dungeon Dwellers)!
Over the years, I have acquired much of my miniature collection from individuals on E-Bay, but for the biggest contributors such as Rick Price, David Erdeljac, James Mitschke, and Jon Winters, you have my sincerest thanks!
      Support, motivation, and contributions are needed and without them this site would not exist. Had it not been for the efforts of Michael Thomas to keep the memory of Heritage alive, many of us in the Heritage Collecting world may have never met. From Michael’s Yahoo group, I want to acknowledge the assistance I have received from Bill Soucy (DD Cartel Member), Jim Wampler (who opened up a sealed COTS for the cause), Jody Mansfield, Nathan Ebersole, David Mathews, and all the other group members who supported my site.
      Without help from people in the industry, the accuracy of this site would not be possible. So, I would like to thank Max Carr (sculptor), Dave Helber (artist) and Steve Bissett (sculptor) for their assistance in helping Dennis identify a figure’s designation, and to confirm the accuracy of the resculpted miniatures for me. Finally, for all his assistance, contacts, knowledge, memory and stories, I will always be indebted to Willard Dennis (mold maker and production manager).