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Last Updated: 08-02-14

   This area of the site contains photographs of the 1200 series miniatures that were available for the Dungeon Dwellers line via blister packs. There will be a separate page that will include Dungeon Dwellers that were only available in Box Sets.
   I have been working with Michael Thomas, Willard Dennis, and the original sculptors from Heritage, to try and make the information presented as accurate as I can. Each figure has a number (i.e. 1201, 1202, and etc.) followed by a letter, and in some case a "-1" or "-2" after the letter. The number corresponds to the range given to the Dungeon Dweller line by Heritage. The line started at 1200 and ended with 1299. Not all of the numbers in this range were utilized by Heritage, and were reserved for future Miniatures that were never issued. The letter designation breaks down the Miniatures within that range (i.e. 1201A, 1201B, and etc.), and corresponds to what was etched on the bottom of the figure (in some of the cases) by Heritage. The "-1" or "-2" designations (i.e. 1251A-1, 1251A-2, and etc.) indicate the version of the miniature. During production of the lines, some of the miniatures were updated for various reasons. Heritage did not change the numbers on the bottom of the figure, so to distinguish between the versions, I added the "-#" designation to clarify which version came first, second, and in some cases third.
   As time permits, I will also be adding the sculptor, and rarity of each figure. The "N/A" designation means that the information is "Not available" at this time. The rarity of the figure was determined by the number of times it occurred in a single blister pack, box set, or game. The lower the number, the rarer the figure is/was. Also, where you see a "+" next to the figure's rarity, the total number of occurrences outside the Dungeon Dweller line could not be confirmed.
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