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Last Updated: 12-20-05

This yahoo site is maintained by Michael Thomas, current owner of many of the Heritage lines, including LOTR, Galacta 25 and others. This site is open to the discussion of all Heritage related items, however  it does require membership, so you will have to contact Michael, and membership is free.

This site is owned and maintained by Michael as well. I am sure that in the future when he quits his job and opens up his storefront to sell his miniatures (LOL), this will be his on-line storefront. For those that do not want to join the Yahoo group, this site will provide you some information on the Heritage lines along with the listing of lines that he owns.

Tom Dye, the current owner of the Dungeon Dwellers line, maintains a storefront where you can purchase these long out of print miniatures. The miniatures he sells are not cast in lead, but they are cast from the original molds. Although most of what Tom sells is Dungeon Dwellers, some of the miniatures sold are from the Reaper line of Dungeon Dwellers.

Note: In the future, I will add more links. If you have a heritage related site, e-mail me and I will be glad to include it.