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Last Updated: 02-17-08

Welcome to the Grab Bag area. The following pages contain information pertaining to anything Dungeon Dwellers. You will find old Dungeon Dwellers miniature reviews from long out of print "Gryphon" & " Different Worlds" magazines, pictures of Jewerly that Heritage made based off  the Dungeon Dwellers line, advertisments from old catalogs, pictures of DD miniatures that never made it into production, and Heritage Dungeon Dwellers related material. If you have something Dungeon Dwellers related and would like to see it on the site, please e-mail me and I will be happy to add it.

Reviews of Dungeon Dwellers Miniatures by Gryphon Magazine (issues 1,2,4 circa 1980-81) &  Different Worlds (issue 8 circa 1980)

Any ideas as to where Reaper may have gotten their inspiration for this Scrye Counter? Look closely!!

Yes it is true ... Heritage made Jewelry from Dungeon Dwellers miniatures. As pictured to the right, are 2 examples of pendants that were briefly available. The examples shown may have been passed out at a convention, or are examples of pieces that never made it to plating to have the gold added. According to Willard Dennis, Heritage was suppose to make a female and male version from each character class.

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Heritage Dungeon Dwellers Pendants (circa 1980-81)